Our Passion in ICT is burning and  unquenchable. We seek technological solutions but quintessentially follow very rigorous philosophical and scientific methods in achieving our objectives. We do not just innovate, invent or proffer solutions to problems; we also aspire to create and distribute values. Presently, the following areas appeal mostly to us: 


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one core area of interests at WoodGong Communications. As a research oriented technology company, we believe we are capable of adopting AI in proffering not only solutions to technological problems, but in bringing AI to bear upon a wide areas of human endeavor and the environment.



Machine Learning

Machine Learning or ML is sometimes referred as big data mining, where computer algorithm are deployed to understand or learn consistent patterns for predictive purposes.


Internet Of Things

Internet of things or simply referred as IOT is the technological inter-connections of Internet Networks with gadgets and utensils; in order to facilitate communications and interactions with them and between them. In this regard, the Internet Network is adopted as the communication and relay backbone to interact  and control  the "Things" or Electronic items equipped with electronic censors, micro-controllers and computer software. 



Smart Farming

The conscious adoption of  Intelligence [Technologies] in Agricultural endeavors are termed Smart Agriculture or Smart Farming. Thus, irrigation, pets control, grafting, plants and animals gene manipulations, hydroponics and aquaponics system  etc - to develop Agricultural methods and bring about improved or greater agricultural yields - are considered Smart Farming.

WoodGong Communications is interested in adopting AI into Smart Farming or Agriculture.



Digital Education



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