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We are primarily a service oriented company. Our services encompass the broad spectrum of Information and Communication Technology. But our main focus is two-fold viz.: 1. ICT related Systems and Services 2. Electronic Security Systems and Services. WoodGong Communications' goal is oriented towards the development and innovation  of affordable, but enhanced simplified ICT Systems and Services. Our Services and Systems can be tailored to both end users, SME's and large corporations.

ICT Services

Efficiency and High Quality of Service

Telecommunication Services

Affordable, Simple and Enhanced

Wireless Solutions

Simple, Innovative and Functional

Wireless Solutions

GSM Phone Services

Fast, Practical and Effective

Our GSM Services are simple, quickly implementable and effective. Our services are primarily directed to the mass public. We tend to choose the GSM services that provides a greater value upon the least effort. For example the GSM Payphone and GSM Payfax is one aspect of this innovation.


GSM Security Services


Consultation, Design, Implementation and Support

We can assist you in the design and support of a Security Solution that is implemented on a GSM Network.


WiMax Networks

Consultation, Implementation and Support

We not only incorporate a rock-solid security factor into the plans and design of a new network we can also fortify an existing network with solid security barriers.


WiFi Networks

Implementation and Support


WiFi Security Solutions

Installation and Support



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