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iPhone Water Damage Repair



Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair

We have a hi-tech Ultrasonic bath on site in our Southend-on-Sea Workshop, When repairing water Damaged iPhone's we first pass it though our Ultrasonic cleaning bath. This will remove any inpureites it may have picked up. Then we will reflow the main board - this fix's any damaged connections that may of come about due to corrosion (this can happen very quick in mobile phones). 
Once this is complete we will run though a series of diagnostic tests to check on your iphones health.


iPhone Screen Replacement



Phone Repairs

If you have cracked or smashed your iPhone's screen don't worry as we will be able to replace it fast, we can replace screens on all models included the iPhone 4/4S retina 940x640 display, when replacing LCD's we only use high quality Apple parts that will bring your iPhone's display back to life.


Apple Postal Repairs



Postal Mobile Phone Repairs

We Offer a postal repair service for customers not based in the Southend-on-Sea area. - If you would like info on our postal service, please be sure to tick the box on the quote page. For Postal repairs payment is made either by PayPal or Card Payment over the phone No payment is required until the repair is complete.

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