WoodGong Communications and Technologies is a research oriented and all-encompassing information Communication Technology (ICT) Company. We strive to maintain the balance on the borderline where technology intertwines  with humanity. Our methodology includes (but not limited to) searching and researching for new solutions to both old and new problems. We seek and subdue problems essentially but not necessarily with only technological panacea. Quantum measures may sometimes be considered. We also aspire into the frontier of novel knowledge, know-how, inventions and innovations. There are simply no boundaries to us - as far as the human imagination is concerned.

With a strong philosophical, scientific and technological background, WoodGong Communications and Technologies debuts with priceless human resources that ushers in a highly competitive economic position.

As a futuristic ICT company, WoodGong Communications and Technologies is open to cooperation with investors, companies, corporations, organisations, industries and governments.

The followings are our current fovourite ICT focus areas:       


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